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Hey friends and family and you nosey strangers 😉 thanks for stopping by to see what I’m up to with affiliate marketing and making money online.

I’m not up to anything major, just thought I would try my hand at flipping some coins using the internet if you catch my drift.  If you follow along then this just may be what you needed to create a little more breathing room with your finances every month.

Have you ever said to yourself “DAMN! I know alot of stuff and I probably could make money with my knowledge, skills and resources?” Or maybe you said to yourself, I’ve purchased so many info products and have not completely followed through on them but thought they could work?

Those are the thoughts behind the creation of this blog.

How Najja Banks’s Affiliate Marketing Is About to Evolve to a Whole New Level…

I was recently reviewing my purchase history in my & accounts and I’m ashamed to say that I have purchased a lot of products over the years and have actually implemented very few of them.  Some are actually pretty darn good, while others are complete garbage.

While reviewing my purchases there were a couple that stood out and inspired me to get my act together.  These courses work hand in hand in my opinion.

What are those courses?…  GREAT QUESTION!

But by the way…

Before I tell you what those courses are, I have to warn you that IF you decide to purchase them I just may earn a few pennies 😉

  1. Shiny Object Lemonade by Lee Murray (circa 2016) – In it, he reveals what he perceives to be the importance of crafting a home base for yourself. This is something that he calls a “foundation site.” This site is your professional journal.  MY foundation site is right here. Najja Banks dot com, sukka! Welcome to it.In SOL, one of the things Lee talks about is creating a ‘Goal Centric Foundation Site’…What on Earth is a “goal-centric foundation site?”

    As the name suggests, this is a foundation site that is centered upon your own personal (professional) goals. Basically, what you’re going to do is set a goal… and then document the process of you working your butt off to achieve the goal. The goal can be ANYTHING And once you either reach the goal – or surrender to the notion that it’s unreachable or you don’t enjoy the process of achieving it – you move on to your next goal.  HENCE… THE SOLE PURPOSE OF MY WEBSITE 🙂 your welcome!

    I highly recommend the course and you should purchase it by clicking here 😉

    Shiny Object Lemonade

    Now moving on to the the next course that captured my attention…

  2. IM Checklist Vol. 7 18 Step By Step Newbie Marketer Checklists by Kevin Fahey – This very site, YES Najja Banks dot COM was built using the checklist provided using these checklist.  My whole journey moving forward will be through using these checklist to keep me on track.  The goal of these checklists according to Kevin Fahey is to Checklists to Start Making REAL Money Now with Less Effort!  I certainly want to do that!

IM Checklist by Kevin Fahey

My objective with this site is to share my goals, and then to document my ideas and actual action steps throughout the process of attaining these goals.

But here’s the thing…

The three largest niches on Earth are health, wealth, and love. But at this point, my focus where generating a passive income is concerned lies primarily with generating $1,000 per week from Earn Easy Commissions & product reviews  in the wealth niche because I enjoy the topic and have been a part of this niche for a long time now.


Because in the crazy IM (Internet Marketing) niche things change FAST and I really do mean FAST.  See, If I were to focus only on doing ‘Product Reviews’ the traffic would only come in as long as the product is being hyped up online by other marketers.  This usually only lasts 3 to 7 days at best and then everything dies down a bit until the next hot launch.

There are easily over 10 internet marketing products per DAY flooding the marketplace from JvZoo & WarriorPlus. I relate IM courses to chewing gum. Tastes great and gives you a nice, fresh jolt of yummy minty chill for a few good minutes. Then, the flavor dissipates… and then disappears. Chew it too long and it falls apart in your mouth.  It becomes worthless.  There is ONE exception…  That is systems or ‘money making opportunities’ that have built in ‘LEVERAGE’.  

NOTE: Leverage is something you will hear me talk a lot about on this site 😉

I won’t get too far into this now but there are systems that will pay you big commissions for YOUR efforts but ALSO pay you big commissions for the efforts of others!!

With these systems you have built in leverage because everyone in the ‘System’ will be online creating buzz for the same offer you are and If you have enough people on your team this will turn into a nice ‘PASSIVE’ income over time.

The Internet changes constantly. Business strategies come and go.

Human biology, psychology, and sociology, on the other hand… are pretty timeless.


Before I share my personal goals, let’s get something straight right here an now.

To make money you only need 3 things:

  1. Something to sell (products from,, & private offers)
  2. Someone who wants to buy it! (i.e. Targeted traffic to your offer)
  3. A system to connect the previous 2 preferably while you are off goofing around. (Blog, Squeeze Page, Autoresponder, Social Following)

These Are My Goals!

Smart Goals

Actually, I’m only going to focus on ONE goal right now.

I am a firm believer in laser focus being the way to a new reality.

I am honestly in URGENT need to bring in another income stream outside of a day job.  I’ll spare you the details, but I cannot express the anxiety I feel daily being 100% relient on a job to pay my bills.  My job is ok and it pays the bills and I have a little left over at the end of the month, however if this job ends then im really up shit creek without a paddle as they say.

Can you relate?

The way things are in the world today nobody can 100% rely on a day job and feel any amount of ‘financial security’ I absolutely gotta have peace of mind and know without a shadow of doubt that if my job goes away that I will still be ok.

I’ll talk more about all of this in a future blog post. But for now, let me just get this goal out in the open so that I can begin working on it POST HASTE!

$1000 Per WEEK Via Affiliate Marketing

JvZoo and warrior plus offers

This will be a fantastic start. It’s $48,000 added to my current annual income.

It won’t turn me into a millionaire, but it will absolutely change my life forever.

So let’s do it!

Earning $1,000 per week from the comforts of home would just about replace the income from my day job and allow me to pad the ol’ bank account while still being able to enjoy my life.

$1k per is not a earth shattering by any means but it is a very nice side income.  This income will primarily come from promoting my flagship done for you marketing system “Earn Easy Commissions” (Review coming soon!) and the rest of my income will come from promoting offers that I ACTUALLY USE!!!

So let me officially discuss each of the two ways in which I will reach this goal.

Method #1: Make Money Online With Earn Easy Commissions

See, I am a VIP Partner in a DONE FOR YOU system called ‘Earn Easy Commissions’ which is an awesome system that provides some great training on how to generate an income as an affiliate and also pays you for every free account that gets created through my link AND I get paid for upgrades in the system as high as $1,000 for one sale.  I’ll do a complete review of the system but truthfully you will get a better understanding by creating your own FREE account if you are interested.  YES! that is my shameless promotion to get you to create a free account LOL!  The best part is that the training is all about promoting OTHER PEOPLES PRODUCTS and not just about promoting the system.

I am going to say that one more time for emphasis…

The benefit of upgrading is getting access to the TRAINING!! to become a top affiliate and NOT ONLY promote the system.

Earn Easy Commissions

See, the problem with some of these opportunities you see online is that many people just upgrade to be able to earn the commissions but seldom do they even look at the training that is actually the product they purchased.

I actually upgraded to get access to the training.  I will do a complete review of Earn Easy Commissions in a later post.

You might be asking yourself, if EEC is so great, then why do you purchase other products if EEC is all you need?

Great Question!

The reason is because as I said, the EEC training is all about promoting OTHER PEOPLES PRODUCTS primarily by recommending what I actually use!

How can I recommend another product with confidence IF I don’t actually use it?

So, my flagship offer will be promoting Earn Easy Commissions using the provided training AND the various products I have purchased and will purchase with the purpose of using the information to dominate in EEC. 😀

So, my primary goal is to utilize tools, products and resources to drive as much traffic as possible to the EEC system.

This, by itself should take me to well over $1000/wk with affiliate offers. But I like to keep my goals tight and achievable.  I want to get the first 1,000 subscribers on my EEC list as fast as possible.

And for the second method?

Method #2: My Product Reviews

This is quite simple.  I’ll be using this exact site that you are on right now to showcase my product reviews for the tools and resources that I actually use.  

This is a win-win because not only will this allow me to provide some value to YOU my audience but it will undoubtedly put some commissions in my bank account.  Heck! Just the process of setting up this website let me to a few tools that I will be recommending in future posts.

I want to keep this simple, since I do still have a day job.

Again, I like to keep my goals achievable.

For my review site, I believe that having 100 product reviews can, all on its own, get me to the $1000/wk. As long as I focus primarily on “Evergreen” products and tools.

Also, you’ll notice that I’m rockin’ a few affiliate banners right here on this blog. For example…

There’s no shame in my game, nor would I enjoy it if there was.

So that’s goal #1 – $1000 per week as a affiliate marketer and my first 1000 subscribers on my Earn Easy Commissions email list.

And at this moment, reaching goal #1 gets 100% of my focus.


Please leave your comments below!

Talk soon,

Najja Banks

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